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Min Tanaka_Dance Road Indonesia

Posted by primastuti dewi on October 24, 2008

25 Oktober 2008


“Min TANAKA Dance Road Indonesia

(Umihiko, Yamahiko, Maihiko)


LIP Auditorium

Lembaga Indonesia Perancis (LIP) Yogyakarta

Jl. Sagan No. 3, Yogyakarta

26 Oktober 2008


Padepokan Seni

(rumah budaya Yayasan Bagong Kussudiardja)

Kembaran RT 04/RW 21, Tamantirto, Kec. Kasihan, Kab. Bantul – DIY

27 Oktober 2008


“Min TANAKA Dance Road Indonesia”

(Umihiko, Yamahiko, Maihiko)

LIP Auditorium

Lembaga Indonesia Perancis (LIP) Yogyakarta

Jl. Sagan No. 3, Yogyakarta



dancer, director, farmer

Born in Tokyo , Japan , in 1945, Min Tanaka’s dance experience at home and abroad is embedded in the vast continuous landscape of dance, opera, theatre, visual and plastic arts, film, ritual and folk art. With Japan ’s nature and time-space, and its cultural-historical gravitation as his native base, he searches the universal soul of “dance” globally, cherishing his homage for his master Tatsumi Hijikata: the message is “I’m an avant-gardist who crawls the Earth.”

As a student he studied classic ballet and modern dance and participated in numerous performances. Since 1973 he started solo activities of his own definition, and founded Body Weather Laboratory in 78. He developed projects like “Hyper-dance” and the “Drive” series, dancing naked in various kinds of locations. Since 1981 he actively performed in and outside Japan with his group Maijuku, and along with their Body Weather Workshop, gained high reputation.

Among other awards, he was knighted by the French Ordre chevalier des arts et des lettres, and received the Best Performance Prize at the Munich Theatre Festival in Germany , not to mention multiple honors of Jana Contemporary Dance Critics Association Awards.

In 1985 he founded the Body Weather Farm in the mountain village Hakushu in Yamanashi Prefecture , Japan , to practice dance and farming in parallel, and to enrich their living process merged with nature, flora ans fauna, as axis of their dance process.

In 1997, he founded Dance Resources on Earth / Hon-mura (at Kami-ashizawa village in Kai City , and subsequently the Tokason Dance Troupe and Tokason Agricultural Co-operative. Together with the dance troupe members, he cultivates organic vegetables, fruits, rice and tea, which are sold over internet and at performance venues to a steadily increasing clientele.

In 2003, he also became famous as an actor, and received a Japanese Academy award for his supporting actor’s role in “The Twilight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei)”, directed by Yoji Yamada. In 2004 he made a 45-day solitary trip on several islands in Indonesia, dancing here and there as chances dictated, which is the basis of the newly released film “Umihiko, Yamahiko, Maihiko—Min Tanaka dance Road Indonesia.”

In 2006 he decided to suspend major-theater performances, and set out on the “Locus Focus” series. Now, cradled by the unchanging notion of genius loci, he is dancing anonymously in the streets, parks, schools, hills, fields and seashores. Constantly experiencing yet new and diverse places and meeting divergent artists and people, he remains an avant-gardist who crawls the Earth. Min Tanaka has recently initiated a NPOproject in Kalimantan Island , Indonesia , for a not-to-be-cut perpetual forest since 2006.

Yayasan Bagong Kussudiardja (YBK) is a non-profit performing arts center in Yogyakarta that advocates the performing arts as a medium for inclusive dialogue and learning in order to stimulate the creativity of artists and the general community. Serving artists and the general public, YBK cultivates learning processes through and about the arts by presenting works of artists, facilitating their professional development, and devising programs that increase community engagement with the arts.


Kembaran RT 04/RW 21 Tamantirto

Kec. Kasihan, Kab. Bantul

Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Tel/fax :  62 – 0274 – 376 394

E-mail :

Website :


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