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Lucky In Love

Posted by primastuti dewi on March 10, 2010

We asked women what their guys do that makes them feel luckier than a four-leaf clover … get inspired by their responses.

By Hallie Goodman

Finding the perfect partner can feel like winning the lottery. We asked users of to share some mushy moments — those split seconds that snap them out of the day-to-day grind and bring them back to “I’m so lucky!”

He doesn’t judge.
“When I was depressed, stress-eating, and getting fat on chocolates, instead of criticizing the weight gain, he got me a chocolate of the month club membership so that I could stress-eat in style.” — ReturnOfKuus

“When I couldn’t find a job, he supported us and didn’t force me to just take any job, but wait for one I really wanted.” — Ab42187

He carries his weight (and then some).
“We truly are equals in every aspect of parenting. I may be home with the kids — but he jumps right in when he gets home to play, bathe, feed, etc. He’s a better daddy that I could have imagined.” — MammaMia73

“My husband does any and everything he can to make sure I am 100 percent comfortable and 100 percent satisfied at all times … even if it means making himself uncomfortable or unsatisfied. He is the most ridiculously amazing man I have ever met in my life.” — Southsam

He opens his ears and closes his mouth.
“Recently, I was feeling overwhelmed and a little depressed. He didn’t really understand how to help me, but he listened to what I needed. He makes an effort every day to make sure he takes care of me.” — Jessimau

“He treats me like an equal. If I have a genuine problem, he doesn’t solve it for me; he lets me complain about it until I find the solution by myself. I have a partner who works with me instead of babying me.” — Shadow42

He’s a little bit psychic.
“He picks up on the stress of an extra job that I do. Sometimes I come home from work so frazzled and he calmly pours me a glass of wine without saying a word. So cool. He lets me be me.” — Trigal

“I was having a rough week last week, so he came home on his lunch and brought me some beautiful yellow flowers to cheer me up, along with some Nutella and a bowl of fruit! So I had pretty flowers to look at and my favorite combo snack.” TNIrishGirl

He rises and shines while I hit snooze.
“He gets up with the kids on the weekends and lets me sleep in — every single day.” — LaLaBee

“I get sick a lot from an illness I have. He always takes care of me and never complains. He lets me take a nap in the middle of a shopping trip in the car.” — Jsmithoregon

He exists!
“I was at a party recently and just wasn’t feeling like myself. Even though I was surrounded by friends and in constant conversation, I still felt off and alone. That is, until I saw him across the way and I realized that with him, I am never alone. And for that I am extremely lucky.” — Jennifer0807

“Things like looking at friend’s husbands and listening to their conversation or comments that are made make me thank my lucky stars that my husband is a well-rounded, normal human being who treats me like royalty.” — Richzep


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