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Create, and study with, flashcards

Posted by primastuti dewi on June 21, 2010

This  simple study technique has proved to be one of the most effective study strategies for memorizing, used

    • Best in quick or brief periods of time
      and cost-effective in terms of time and money
    • Conveniently “chunked” in small packs (Rule of 7-9 items)
      at bus stops, on walks, in a line, etc.
    • Either individually, paired, or in a group
    • As a simple 3 x 5 card or a computerized program
    • As a handy note-taking strategy
    • As a matching game
    • increased in difficulty
      putting easy ones aside and focusing on the more difficult
    • For quick review
    • With words, pictures, illustrations, etc.
    • Walking or pacing, spoken outloud, etc. taking advantage of alternate learning styles
    • Distributed physically about a room for visualized identity
      or the “Method of places”

Using flash cards is a very effective strategy for studying.
Flash cards are two-sided study aids that have

a cue, a question, a concept on one side
the “answer” on the other or opposite side:


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